Watch Peter in action.

Peter is a dynamic keynote speaker, diversity pioneer and creator of Human Equity. Watch him explain diversity, inclusion, equity and equality during his conversation with The Home Depot employees.

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Peter explains equity versus equality.

Peter explains equity, equality, diversity and inclusion while speaking to The Home Depot employees.


Peter reacts to the tragic murder of George Floyd

Peter discusses the tragic killing of George Floyd and the critical steps to creating an equitable and just society.


Peter discusses the importance of mentorship.

Peter joins J.A.D.E. Consulting's Lori Sutton to discuss mentorship during the Empowerment Series 2021.


Peter explains why he supports BlackNorth.

Peter explains why he supports Wes Hall's BlackNorth initiative to overcome anti-Black racism in the corporate sector.


Peter discusses the Derek Chauvin murder verdict.

Peter shares his thoughts on Derek Chauvin murder verdict of George Floyd and what needs to happen next.


Peter reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter shines light on the kind acts being carried out during the pandemic and how that relates to the work environment.