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Human Equity

Turn individual differences into competitive advantages.

Human Equity is a management model designed to recognize the differences of team members and develop those differences into competitive advantages. You'll learn to build on the unique talents of employees' innate strengths, unique abilities, personalities, attitudes, life experiences and virtues, this is the book for you.


Become a talent-focused leader.

Human Equity is a management model built on eight core competencies that help leaders create a work environment where employees are valued for their unique skills, personalities and experiences.

The Human Equity framework helps you:

  • Establish a new paradigm for diversity initiatives and implement actionable solutions.

  • Develop and strengthen the core competencies critical for creating an equitable and inclusive workplace.

  • Implement strategies to improve hiring and retention, reduce turnover, increase productivity, increase teamwork and boost the bottom line.

These companies are using the Human Equity framework.


Human Equity works for small and mid-size companies too.

The Human Equity framework can be used in companies and organizations of all sizes and in diverse political climates. In fact, Vectren Corporation, a midsized utility company located in the predominantly-conservative midwestern United States, used Human Equity to unlock new levels of employee engagement and shareholder value. This company went from struggling to find diverse talent to leveraging their thriving company culture to attract a $6-billion deal from a peer utility company.

Book Peter to introduce Human Equity to your company.

Get started on your Human Equity journey by booking Peter Trevor Wilson to speak at your company or event. Peter is a seasoned public speaker with fresh and exciting ideas. During his presentations, Peter brings Human Equity to life by explaining the concepts and sharing his experiences helping Fortune 500 leaders implement this model in their businesses.

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