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The Fast Track to Equitable Leadership:

Join the Human Equity Advantage Book Club.

Who Are We

Read, learn and grow.

The Human Equity Advantage Book Club is a virtual meet-up with Peter Trevor Wilson, the author of the Human Equity Advantage and creator of the Human Equity framework. You'll get direct access to Peter as he walks through his entire book, The Human Equity Advantage, and shares rich stories to add additional context to each chapter. At the end of this book club, you'll be equipped as a leader who recognizes the differences of team members and develops those differences into competitive advantages. By signing up below, you will get direct access to join the free book club and 25% off Peter's book. 

How does it work?


Sign up for the book club at the form below.


We'll email you all the information required to purchase the book and participate in the club.


Read the first chapter and join us on our first session on Tuesday, April 12.

Sign up now. 

Sign up to join us for the Human Equity Advantage Book Club hosted on Zoom.

Thank you for signing up for the Human Equity Advantage Book Club with Peter Trevor Wilson! We will email you the Zoom link soon.​ In the meantime, follow Peter Trevor Wilson and Human Equity on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest developments with Human Equity.

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