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Maximize human potential in the workplace.

Meet the next phase of diversity and inclusion: Human Equity. In this world, you turn individual differences into competitive advantages.

What is Human Equity?

Human Equity is a management model that moves beyond the traditional diversity debate. With this framework, you'll learn how to acknowledge individual differences in your workplace and turn them into competitive advantages.

Meet the Creator of Human Equity


Peter Trevor Wilson

Keynote Speaker, Diversity Pioneer and Creator of Human Equity

Peter Trevor Wilson helps leaders maximize human talent by acknowledging individual differences and turning those differences into competitive advantages. Peter, a keynote speaker, author and creator of Human Equity, is a seasoned professional in the field of diversity, inclusion and Human Equity. In fact, Profiles in Diversity Journal named him one of the 40 pioneers of the diversity movement, and he developed the concept of Human Equity and recognizing individual potential in the workplace.

Buy Peter's best-selling book, Human Equity Advantage.

Human Equity Advantage is the leader's playbook for creating a work environment where individual differences are recognized and developed into competitive advantages. If you want to improve your organization or company by building on the unique talents of employees' innate strengths, unique abilities, personalities, attitudes, life experiences and virtues, this is the book for you.


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